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Stage 2: The 4-8 Month Play Kit - Natural

Stage 2: The 4-8 Month Play Kit - Natural

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What this pack includes:
  • 1x Natural roly-poly (colour picked at random) ($44.95 / $54.95)
  • 1x Natural rubber teething rattle - Beige Rose ($42.95)
  • 1x Square cube bell rattle ($26.95)
  • 1x Dual clasping discs ($17.95)
  • 1x Mini rolling bell rattle ($19.95)
  • 1x Chunky baby stacking rings
Why choose this play kit:
Our infant collection is a set of 6 toys that are simple, beautiful, and created with your child's development in mind.  
  • A modern twist on a classic roly-poly that is perfectly sized for small hands to shake, spin & hold. Hours of fun are to be had pushing this knock-over toy in every-which direction and watching it stand straight back up, thanks to its cleverly weighted bottom. Little ones will love trying to reach for it during tummy time and will build all those special and important muscles to prepare them for crawling. It also makes for a great "first spinning top" when bub is around 18 months old.
  • Babies typically begin to grasp purposefully around the 2-3 month mark. This natural rubber teething rattle is made purposefully thin and is lightweight to be appropriate for very little hands. It is embossed with beautiful textures and offers different shapes and angles perfect for little mouths learning to explore. It has a sweet little bell inside for added sensory delight. A wonderful toy to include in your nightly bath time routine.
  • The cube rattle provides a wonderfully unique grasping experience and is easily grasped and shaken by the infant with just a few fingers. Babies love to grasp at the bell inside and hear the gentle sound as the cube is shaken.
  • The interlocking clasping discs are great for hand-to-hand transfer. The design coaxes a grasping baby to switch hands when holding it. As your baby grows, it is a wonderful toy to entice crawling because of the interesting rolling pattern it produces.
  • The mini bell cylinder is the perfect rattle for a baby who is needing something to hold onto and shake.  The soft jingling sound is a delight to babies who are just beginning to learn that their movements produce results.  
  • The chunky baby ring stacker is brilliant for 6-8 month olds who can sit independently. Unlike other stackers on the market, this has a thin dowel with large rings to help your baby both succeed and develop the skills needed to stack.

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