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Rainbow - Skin Tones Black and White

Rainbow - Skin Tones Black and White

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Why Saint Lenny loves this:
This is more than just a simple stacker – it plants the ideas of equality and importance of every human into little minds. Arch stackers of different skin tones may be a perfect cause to talk with your child. 

Although the details are painted in different hues they all are similar and equal, and made of the same material. People may have different colors of skin, eyes or eye cuts, hair, beliefs or sweethearts, but we all have red blood in our veins and our hearts beat in the same rhythm.

We love how the simple-looking things in a child's hands turn into toys with great potential.

Arcs become an intricate balancing structure, or a cozy cave for the toy beast, or they line up into a mountain range, and if you lean an arc against the mirror surface a hidden miracle appears in the reflection.

Grippy enough for balancing and stacking and smooth enough for little hands. These small arches are perfectly sized for little hands who are just beginning their stacking phase.

    • Measurements: 15*8*5cm
    • Materials: Linden Wood using Water-based eco-friendly paint
    • Age: 2+
    • Country of Origin: Russia

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