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Kitpas Medium Stick Crayons - 6pk

Kitpas Medium Stick Crayons - 6pk

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Why Saint Lenny loves this:

Unlike regular crayons, Kitpas Art Crayons can be used on any non porous surface such as paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboards. They are buttery smooth, vividly coloured as well as water soluble too - just add water and it instantly turns into watercolour paint.

This set of 6 Kitpas Medium Stick Crayons (white, red, yellow, green, blue and black) is the perfect starter set for any budding artists in the family. 

We love how these crayons can help your little ones develop wrist strength when drawing vertically on windows. Your mini's can create magical worlds on windows to act as backdrops to their small world play and bring a new element to their imaginary play.

Most importantly, (and to the relief of all parents), these beautiful crayons are very, very easy to clean up. All you need to do is simply wipe over a few times with a damp cloth and your windows will be back to new.

    • Measurements: 7.25*1cm
    • Materials: Paraffin wax
    • Age: 3+
    • Country of Origin: Japan


    Kitpas crayons are completely non-toxic meet the strict EN71 safety regulations.

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