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Stacking Tower Pack (5-24mth)

Stacking Tower Pack (5-24mth)

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Why Saint Lenny loves this:
This little box of happiness has all the stackers you need to take bub from 6 months through to 24 months ! For those wanting to set their mini's up for success, then look no further.

This package includes some very special developmental toys that not only look stunning when displayed on the shelf, but also really help bub develop all their gross motor skills.

It offers a modern take on the traditional Montessori Stacking Tower, with each toy designed to help bub graduate from one milestone to the next by allowing you to introducing each toy slowly, rotating them in and our as needed.

The pack includes:

  • Set of 4 Chunky Contrasting Rings - the perfect first stacking toy in those early days where bub is developing their Palmer Grasp and mouthing items ($19.95)
  • Vertical Ring Stacker - ideal to learn how to thread and improve hand-eye coordination ($19.95)
  • Square Block Stacker - great for building wrist strength and coordination with a new shape as bub learns to navigate a longer object on a thinner dowel ($19.95)
  • Horizontal Hanger - a more challenging stacker once bub has mastered the Vertical Stacker to help refine and improve their fine motor skills ($19.95)
  • Mini Stacking Toy - a tri-colour stacker that teaches bub to discriminate between sizes ($19.95)


  • Retail value: $99.75
  • Happiness Value: $89.95


  • Materials: Rubberwood using non-toxic and child safe oils. 
  • Age: can be introduced as early as 6 mth under supervision
  • Country of Origin: Designed in Australia, manufactured in Vietnam

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