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Montessori Box

Montessori Box

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Why Saint Lenny loves this:
For those short on storage and shelf space, this all in one Montessori Imbucare box is a great starting point for parents wishing to explore some of the most important early development concepts with their young ones.

Consisting of 3 different slide out lids, the Montessori Box offers your young ones different difficulty levels to develop their hand-eye coordination, concentration and basic logical skills.

Stage 1: 8-12mth Imbucare Ball Drop
Helps young babies learn about permanence. The Child drops the small ball into a large hole, it disappears from sight, but upon opening the draw the Child sees it is still there. Hours of repetitive fun. Once your little ones outgrow this stage, the wooden ball can be used for ball runs.

Stage 2: 10-15mth Carrot Game
Smaller holes help develop your little ones hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as the difficulty of trying to put a carrot into the smaller holes is harder than than the permanence box. More so, it challenges little ones to discriminate between sizes in order to fit the correct end of the carrot into place. Once your little ones outgrow this stage, the carrots can be used for pretend play.

Stage 3: 16mth+ Coin Posting
A little harder than your traditional coin posting box, here we see a very thin opening with thin coins to help build your child's concentrations levels as the difficulty of posting here is harder than it seems. Once your young child masters posting with thin coins and outgrows this stage, the coins can be used for pretend play.

  • Measurements: 17.5*15*8.5cm
  • Materials: Made from natural pine wood, water-based dyes, and non-formaldehyde glue.
  • Age: 8mth +
  • Country of Origin: Designed in Australia, manufactured in China

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