Who is Saint Lenny?

Saint Lenny was born from the simple desire of wanting to be a part of a more sustainable consumerist world that shows our children we can pay it forward through play. 

During the first few months of pregnancy, I slowly but surely began to realise how fleeting each stage of a child's life is. Everything in the big brand stores was plastic, shiny, loud and flashy - and designed to have a shelf life for a very short period of time. It was disheartening and overwhelming.

It was at that point that I decided to change my mindset. I reached out to family and friends and asked that nothing new be purchased or given to us that did not have a sustainable footprint.

From friends who had older children, I asked that a favourite book or toy that had been loved and was no longer needed be given to us, so it too could have a second life.

And there, in that simple request, the idea behind Saint Lenny was born. To offer classic, sustainable and beautifully crafted toys from around the world; designed to loved and when the time is right, passed on so they can be loved again.

At our very core, Saint Lenny is about respecting our planet, and investing in our children's collections to ensure the toys on their shelves can be played with throughout their entire childhood rather than being discarded into landfill.