Who is Saint Lenny?

Saint Lenny was born from the simple desire of wanting to be a part of a more sustainable consumerist world that shows our children we can pay it forward through play. 

At our very core, Saint Lenny is about respecting our planet, and investing in our children's collections to ensure the toys on their shelves can be played with throughout their entire childhood & beyond rather than being discarded into landfill.

To achieve this goal, we set out to have all the best ethical and sustainable brands in one place to not only save you time & money (hello consolidated freight!) but to also offer classic, sustainable and beautifully crafted toys from around the world; designed to be loved and when the time is right, passed on so they can be loved again.
Whether it be siblings, cousins, family or generational gifting from child to grandchild and beyond, our toys have been chosen to last, with as little impact to our environment as humanly possible.