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Welcome to Saint Lenny

Saint Lenny is an online children’s boutique dedicated to play-based learning & development through conscious, slow and meaningful toy rotation.

Whether you are team rainbow or prefer a more neutral and earthy aesthetic, here in our little shop, you will find classic, sustainable and beautifully crafted toys designed to be loved and when the time is right, passed on so they can be loved again.

We believe in 'less toys that have an expiration date' and more meaningful purchases that build your collection over time, have no age limitations and in turn become heirloom pieces or keepsakes.

Our vision is to help the next generation thrive at home whilst celebrating sustainability and learning how to 'pay it forward' through play.

Heirloom Quality

We believe that our children’s items should be beautiful and also built to last.

We have carefully selected all our items because they have been designed with the intention to be passed down between family members and friends; gathering memories, bumps and scratches along the way.

Our promise to you is to source items of quality that will stand the test of time so you can pass them on when the time is right.

Our Carbon Footprint Matters

We are committed to eliminating avoidable plastic waste where possible by using sustainable packaging options.

More so, we have teamed up with ecologi to plant 1 tree on your behalf for every order placed. It's our little 'feel good gift' to you to say thank you for shopping with us.

To find out how we are doing our bit to help the planet, you can read more here.

Small Batch Production

Children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them through play.

Here at Saint Lenny we celebrate this exploration of imaginative play by introducing items that are ethically, slowly and sustainably made.

Most of our items are handmade using organic dyes and cottons, recycled plastic materials or sustainably sourced FSC certified woods.

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